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St. Martin’s Day with Slovene food and wines, Cambridge, 6th November

In Slovenia, St. Martin’s Day (Martinovanje) marks the day when the must of the grapes traditionally turns to wine and is ready for drinking. For the work of farmers it marks the end of autumn and beginning of winter.

VTIS (Društvo v tujini izobraženih Slovencev) is inviting Slovenes and their British families to join in celebrating with Slovene food and wines in Cambridge. The event will start at 1 p.m. at Quy Village Hall near Cambridge (CB25 9AB) which is easily accessible by bus or car (free parking at the site).

VTIS and the British-Slovene Society will briefly present their activities. Besides enjoying good food, drink and company, you can walk in the nearby countryside. In addition to the Slovene food on offer you are invited to bring a few sweet dishes to share.

The number of participants is limited. Please register your participation at least a day before the event through the following :


Join a conference of Slovene innovators worldwide

The event will take place on 12 October at Gospodarsko razstavišče in Ljubljana and will be broadcast over internet. It is organised by VTIS (Slovenes Educated Abroad) in cooperation with the Slovenian Chamber of Commerce. The communication language will be Slovene.

The topics of discussion will be  “Development of entrepreneurship in Slovenia” and “Innovation within a (large) company”. In a workshop, VTIS will present good practices of global employers.

Participation fee for physical presence is €50 +VAT. Participation online is free.

For more information: VIEW IN BROWSER



Time for the Slovene language

Starting in October 2021, UCL School of Slavonic and East European Studies (SSEES) will again run evening Slovene Short Language courses at various levels.

These small interactive courses develop conversation skills without losing sight of the fundamentals of grammar. They are ideal for anyone interested in the rich culture and unique language of Slovenia.   
All courses are scheduled to run 6:30-8:30pm.
This year we will be offering the following courses:
Beginners (Wednesdays)
Lower Intermediate (Mondays)
Upper Intermediate (Thursdays)
Advanced (Tuesdays)
Higher Advanced Plus (Tuesdays)
Courses will be taught remotely online, unless there is consensus in a particular group to return to face-to-face teaching and if it is possible. 
More information about the Slovene courses is HERE
If you are interested, please enrol HERE
The courses will be taught by Maja Rančigaj Beneš (Lower Intermediate, Upper Intermediate and Advanced course) and Romana Šuštar (Beginners and Higher Advanced Plus course). For more information contact Maja Rančigaj Beneš, Slovene language lectrice:

Catch-up – YouTube link – BSS celebrates 30th anniversary of Slovenia’s independence


If you missed it yesterday, you can catch-up with  the BSS celebration of the 30th anniversary of Slovenia’s independence on YouTube. Here is the link:

The programme is free to everybody. If you wish, you can make a charity donation through this link. The proceeds will go to the Barka charity we support.

  • If you feel in the mood of celebrating further, the Scottish-Slovenian Friendship Society will have their event on Friday 25 June 2021 at 6pm (BST)

         They will have live music performances from legendary Slovenian singers to Scottish poets, quizzes and special guests. the Scottish-Slovenian Friendship Society have a great line-up to mark the occasion.

  • Slovenian communities around the world will also have open access to the content of the Slovenian national television RTV SLO, prepared specially to mark this significant anniversary.

And last but not least:

  • Lake Voices from Sedbergh of Cumbria are holding their own party this weekend, 26th and 27th June. This small town between the Lake District and the Yorkshire Dales is twinned with Zreče in Slovenia, and the Lake Voices are among Britain’s most talented performers of traditional Slovene songs. They party well! If you wish to attend, you would be made most welcome. Contact David Burbidge on

BSS celebration of 30th anniversary of Slovenia’s independence, 23rd June at 7 pm BST (8 pm Slovenian time, 2 pm Toronto time)

30 years ago, Slovenia declared independence from ex-Yugoslavia, and immediately had to fight a 10-day war for survival.

Please join the British-Slovene Society on Zoom in celebrating the anniversary.

We have prepared a lively and colourful programme of entertainment and information for you.

After the programme we will have time to talk with each other in chat rooms.

Date: Wednesday 23rd June 2021, time 1900 UK time, 2000  Slovenian time, 1400 Toronto time.

Thanks to Zoom, you can join in from anywhere!

Here is the Zoom link:

Meeting ID: 849 2217 7599
Passcode: Slovenia30

You can take part for free. If you wish, you’ll be able to make a charity donation through this link, which will also be displayed during the event. The proceeds will go to the Barka charity we support.

We look forward to seeing you!


Referendum o spremembi zakona o vodah


Državni zbor Republike Slovenije je na seji dne 25. maja 2021 sprejel Odlok o razpisu zakonodajnega referenduma o Zakonu o spremembah in dopolnitvah Zakona o vodah (ZV-1G). Odlok je objavljen v Uradnem listu RS, št. 84/21.

Glasovanje na referendumu se izvede v nedeljo, 11. julija 2021.

Vprašanje na referendumu se glasi:

»Ali ste za to, da se uveljavi Zakon o spremembah in dopolnitvah Zakona o vodah (ZV-1G), ki ga je sprejel Državni zbor na seji dne 30. marca 2021?«.

Državljane in državljanke Republike Slovenije, ki v Republiki Sloveniji nimate stalnega prebivališča ali se v času izvedbe zakonodajnega referenduma o Zakonu o spremembah in dopolnitvah Zakona o vodah (ZV-1G), to je v nedeljo, 11. 7. 2021 slučajno nahajate v tujini, obveščamo,

da bodo v nedeljo, 11. 7. 2021  med 9.00 in 17.00 po lokalnem času, volišča odprta na naslednjih diplomatskih predstavništvih in konzulatih:

GK v  Celovcu, GK v Clevelandu, GK v Münchnu, GK v Trstu, GK v Torontu, VP v Atenah, VP v Beogradu, VP v Berlinu, VP v Bernu, VP v Bratislavi, VP v Bruslju, VP v Budimpešti, VP v Buenos Airesu, VP v Canberri, VP na Dunaju, VP v Haagu, VP v Kijevu, VP v Kopenhagnu, VP v Londonu, VP v Madridu, VP v Moskvi, VP v Ottawi, VP v Parizu, VP v Podgorici, VP v Pragi, VP v Sarajevu, VP v Skopju, VP v Varšavi, VP v Washingtonu, VP v Zagrebu in VP pri Svetem sedežu, Vatikan.

V primeru, da v tujini stalno prebivate (izseljenci) in se glasovanja na diplomatskem predstavništvu ali konzulatu ne morete udeležiti, ali v primeru, da v vaši državi prebivanja ni predstavništva z odprtim voliščem, lahko glasujete po pošti, če to pravočasno sporočite Državni volilni komisiji pravočasno. DVK bo upoštevala le obvestila, ki bodo prispela na njihov naslov do 25. 6. 2021.

V primeru, da ste v tujini le začasno (zdomci) in bi želeli glasovati na diplomatskem predstavništvu ali konzulatu z odprtim voliščem ali bi želeli glasovati po pošti iz tujine, lahko glasujete, če to pravočasno sporočite Državni volilni komisije. DVK bo upoštevala le obvestila, ki bodo prispela na njihov naslov do 25. 6. 2021 do 24. ure.

Državljani, ki stalno prebivate v tujini in boste na dan izvedbe referenduma v Republiki Sloveniji, lahko glasujete na voliščih v Republiki Sloveniji (volišča OMNIA), če to namero pravočasno  do 7. 7. 2021 sporočite  Državni volilni komisiji.

Volivci obvestila o načinu glasovanja lahko posredujete elektronsko:

  1. Oddajo vloge z digitalnim potrdilom: Oddajo vloge brez digitalnega potrdila:

Podrobnejše informacije o možnostih glasovanja iz tujine so objavljene na spletni strani državne volilne komisije:

Volivce prosimo, da upoštevajo lokalne ukrepe za zajezitev epidemije  COVID – 19 in se z namenom preprečevanja možnosti okužb odločite za glasovanje po pošti.

Notice of Annual General Meeting of the British-Slovene Society – Thursday 15 June 2021 at 5 pm

For members of the British-Slovene Society only:

Notice is hereby given that The Annual General Meeting of the British-Slovene Society will be held at 5 pm on Tuesday 15 June 2021 online via Zoom. Any member may join the session. 


     Ordinary Business

  1. To receive and adopt the Report of the Trustees and Accounts for the year ended 30 Sept 2020
  2. To re-elect the following as Trustees, who retire by rotation and are offered for re-election: Marcus Ferrar, Simona Bennett, Andrej Ogorevc.
  3. To appoint a Secretary for the forthcoming year. Miha Košak has indicated his willingness to continue in office.
  4. To appoint a Chairman for the forthcoming year. David Lloyd has indicated his willingness to continue in office.
  5. To approve the Minutes of the AGM held on 9 June 2020.
  6. Any Other Business.              

Please confirm your attendance by email to: You will then be sent an invitation to join the Zoom session together with instructions. You may also receive BSS Accounts for the year ending 30th September 2020 and the Chairman’s Statement.

In case you cannot attend the AGM and wish to vote, please use the Form of Proxy: BSS-2021-AGM-Form-of-proxy

David Lloyd, Chairman  

Dated: 10 May 2021 

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